Terrarium Ideas

Increasing Ground Space/Suspended Hides:

The best idea I have come across for increasing ground space and making more use of a terrarium for terrestrial geckos is adding a glass shelf. The best way to do this is bring in the terrarium to a glass cutting place and have them take some measurements of the inner dimensions of the tank. Other way you can try is take a tape measure and measure only the glass width, not including the plastic framing ect, and then subtract 2 x the width of the side panels of the enclosures.

An example is the glass measures 24" wide, and the side panels of the glass are 1/4" thick. 24" - (2 x 0.25") = 23.5"

The width of piece of glass cut you would need is 23 1/2"


Basic Terrarium Setups

Here are some basic setups:


Hagen 27 Gallon Glass Aquarium (Long style, 36x12x15)

- 1 x Hagen 27 gal aquarium

- 1 x Hagen 36x12 Screen

- 1 x Exo-Terra Heat Wave under tank heating pad 11x17


Hagen 15 Gallon Glass Aquarium (24x12x12)

- 1 x Hagen 15 gal aquarium

- 1 x Hagen 24x12 Screen

- 1 x Exo-Terra Heat Wave under tank heating pad 10x11


EXO-TERRA Glass Terrarium with doors Large (24"x18"x18")

- 1 x Exo-Terra Glass Terrarium

- 1 x Exo-Terra Heat Wave under tank heating pad 10"x11"


Terrarium Substrates Setups

Here are some substrates That I have used:

- Aspen Chips (I use this for my Snakes substrate, note, there are two forms of Aspen available, Aspen Chips which are smaller pieces, better suited for smaller snakes, and Aspen Shavings which are better suited for larger snakes)


- Vermiculite (I use this in all my humid hides for both geckos and snakes. Vermiculite can be found at any gardening stores, places like Rona/Home Depot, even Walmart, anywhere that has plants for sale should carry it. It is a sterile substrate, so I have found stays cleaner, and eggs mould less)

Dry Form:


Moistened Form:

Fine type: (I do not like this type as much as the "chunkier" type above)


- Perlite (I used to use this in my incubators, found it to be to difficult to maintain proper moisture content, as very dry and "crunchy" feeling. It is white and very hard feeling. In my opinion, not very comfortable for Humid Hides)

No picture available, sorry.

 - Coconut-Fibre (goes under many brand names, ask for coconut-fibre. I have used this for Tiger Salamanders and Scorpions as main substrates. Works very well for keeping high humidity, as well as for burrowing. I did not like it for Humid Hides as I found gecko eggs tended to mould a lot more with using this in the Humid Hides)

Dry form:


Moistened Form:


  - Invert Mix (from Next Year Reptiles. I used this as a substrate for Scorpions)


 - Reptile Mix (from Next Year Reptiles. I used this as a substrate for Scorpions)



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