Sorry, NO SHIPPING AVAILABLE. Pickup only. Arrangements can be made to pickup a gecko at local reptile shows that Alberta Bred Geckos will be attending and as well delivery to the ERAS Monthly meetings is available as well.


All orders must be paid in full prior to Shipping/Delivery/Pickup.

Preferred methods of payment are Cash and Email Bank Transfers. All payments must be confirmed and cleared (all forms of payment except cash) before a Deposit or Shipping/Delivery/Pickup will be arranged.

For information on Email Bank Transfers, please see this link: Interac.ca

I have found that Email Bank Transfers are the easiest for pre-payments or deposits.


Non-refundable 50% deposit required for geckos to be put on hold. I will accept deposits only for a period not to exceed 15 days. At this time the balance must be settled in full and if it is not the deposit is forfeited unless alternate arrangements have been agreed on prior to the end of this period.


I guarantee that my geckos are healthy and eating before they are sold. If you have any problems with your gecko, you have a full 10 days after purchase to let me know. If you do not contact me before 10 days after purchase, no exchanges will be given.


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