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Last updated Dec 16, 2008.


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Reptile & Lizard Links List

I've had alot of people requesting that their WebPages be added to my links page and they do not have geckos, so I've decided to add this section.


Capital Dragons - Bearded Dragons (Peterborough, Ontario) - Bearded Dragons (Calgary, Alberta)

Deanne's Esquires - Bearded Dragons (Newfoundland)

Jeff  Favelle Reptiles - Assorted Reptiles (Sidney, British Columbia)

Markus Jayne Ball Pythons - Ball Pythons (Peterborough, Ontario)

Tricia's Chinese Water Dragon Page - Water Dragons and Iguanas (Ontario) (See Banner Below)


West Coast Dragons - (Vancouver Island, British Columbia)

US Links:

 (none at this time)

Unsorted Links:

 (none at this time)


Local Veterinarians Links List

I figured there are always alot of locals wondering about what local vets work with reptiles, so I am going to list a few that I know do to help other local herpers.

I hope these links help those of you that need them.

Ottewell Animal Clinic:

6120 - 90ave

Edmonton, AB T6B 0P2


Park Veterinary Center:

 101 Broadway Blvd

Sherwood Park, Edmonton, AB T8H 2A8


Edmonton's Veterinarians' Emergency Clinic:

11104 - 102 Ave

Edmonton, AB T5K 2H4


Animal Emergency Hospital South Ltd:

3823 - 99St

Edmonton, AB T6E 6J1


You can also get a pretty much full list of Vets in Edmonton if you go to and search for "vets" in "Edmonton", should give about 38 results.


Local Adoption Links List

Chaotic Exotics Adoption Center - click Here (For Alberta/Saskatchewan Area only)

Ssafe Haven Society for Reptiles and Amphibians - click Here


Feeder / Supplier Links

Arctic Circle Herpetological Supply Company


Canadian Cricket Company







ECO Terrarium


Society & Forum Links

(ERAS) Edmonton Reptile and Amphibian Society Homepage, click Here or Here

(TARAS) The Alberta Reptile and Amphibian Society Homepage, click Here

(ACRO) Atlantic Canadian Reptile Owners Society, click Here

 (NSHS) Nova Scotia Herpetoculture Society, click Here

Reptile Show Sites:

 The Ontario Reptile Expo, Click Here

 Reptile Show and Click Here

You can find me under many forums, as TLH_WarScootman OR AlbertaBredGeckos

(ERAS) Edmonton Reptile and Amphibian Society Forum, click Here (See Banner Below)

(TARAS) The Alberta Reptile and Amphibian Society Forum, click Here
(See Banner Below)

Please list "Alberta Bred Geckos" as who referred you! Thanks!

 Reptiles Canada Forum, click Here
(See Banner Below)

(ACRO) Salt Water Reptiles Forum, click Here
(See Banner Below)

Leopard Forum, click Here
(See Banner Below)

Fauna Classifieds Forum, click Here
Reptile Classifieds Forum, click Here

The Gecko Spot - A Forum

Gekkonida Genetics Forum - A Leopard Genetics Forum


Reptile Supplies Company's Links, click Here (Energy Savers Unlimited), click Here

Fluker', click Here, click Here, click Here, click Here

ECO Terrarium, click Here, click Here


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