Previous Gecko Enclosures

Here are some of my enclosures I not longer have that I sold.

Here's my main terrarium stand. It holds either 2 x Hagen 27 gallon aquarium (36"Wx12"Hx15"D) or 4 x Hagen 15 gallon aquariums (24"Wx12"Hx12"D) or 4 x Hagen 20 gallon aquariums (24"x12"x17"). I had the stand custom made by a friend that welds. He made the frame out of  “L” shaped steel, and there are 1/2” wood inserts that are removable. The stand and wood are painted with black “hammered” finish metal paint, and has a mountain biking motif to the design. (There’s mountain bike rims as the arches, small gear cogs for the “feet” of the stand and front chain ring bolts for extra strength) I will be getting another stand built soon that's identical, to put 2 more 27 gallon tanks on. The credit for the tank stand design goes to my friend Scott, superb job buddy!!

Here is my 27 gallon Terrarium for my Various Leopard geckos.
This tank has two suspended hides, I have 1 male and 4 females per tank. I have several setup like this.

Here is my 27 gallon Terrarium for my Giant and Albino Leopard geckos. This tank has two suspended hides. I have several setup like this for my giant Tremper Albinos and normal Tremper Albinos.

Here's my Tokay Gecko Terrarium. It is a Exo-terra Glass Terrarium with glass front doors, measuring 18"Lx18"Wx24"H. I have put in suspended hides on the right and left, and I have a misting system that mists the terrarium. The picture has flash, so the shadows/lighting is not perfect. I am selling this tank.


Previous Tiger Salamanders Enclosure

I sold this setup in 2007. (I did keep the misting system)

This is my 48"x24"x15" Terrarium for my Tiger Salamanders.  I have a lot of work to be done to the terrarium still, but it's looking good so far. This tank was built by Greg West at Cornel's World based in Calgary, AB. Very nice quality.

Here are some recent pictures of the Tiger's terrarium. I have modified the lid, replacing the larger mesh with both fine Aluminum mesh and Acrylic plastic sheets. Provides great ventilation, and at the same high visibility of the inside of the terrarium,


I have installed my new misting system for my Tiger Salamanders. I've setup the tank with 6 misting nozzles, and the mister runs on a timer. I got the misting system from Ecologic Technologies from the US. I bought the Rainmaker 1 misting system with the upgraded pump. I recommend it if you plan on running multiple terrariums that require misting.

   (More Pictures to come soon)


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