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Last updated Jan 15, 2010.


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CANADIAN Gecko Links List

Here are all the links I have of Websites with Geckos (they may have other herps)
They will be listed alphabetically by country & province/state & what geckos they have. If you want to add my website to your links, here is a Banner you can use to link to me: 

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If you notice any dead links or if you would like to be listed/add banner

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***If you would like to be added contact me at info @ AlbertaBredGeckos . com and provide me with: Your site name, URL/link, location and geckos/reptiles bred.

Arctic Circle Herpetological Supply Company - Crested Geckos (Edmonton, AB)

Big Rock Reptiles - Leopard Geckos
(See Banner Below)

Blue Bamboo Geckos - Leopard Geckos  (Edmonton, AB)

Canadian Crested Geckos - Crested, Gargoyle & Leopard geckos (Calgary, AB)
Gone Buggy - Leopard & multiple other Geckos
Wrapped Up In Reptiles - Leopard Geckos

Okanagan Geckos - Leopard Geckos
(Armstrong, BC)
Manitoban Reptiles - Leopard, African Fat-tail, Tokay & Skunk Geckos

Rockwin Geckos - Crested and Gargoyle Geckos (Winnepeg, MB)
Winnipeg Reptiles - Leopard Geckos

Keeping Pets - Leopard & African Fat-tail Geckos

Salt Water Reptiles - Leopard & African Fat-tail Geckos (See Banner Below)

J & P Serpent Garden - Leopard Geckos
Nova Scotia Leos - Leopard Geckos - Tokays Geckos
(See Banner Below)


Earthbound Exotics - Crested Geckos
Gecko boy's Geckos - Leopard & Various Rare Specie Geckos
The Gecko Brothel - African Fat-tail & Crested Geckos
Global Exotic Pets - Leopard & Various Rare Specie Geckos
Leopard - Leopard Geckos
Niagara Reptiles - African Fat-tail & Frog Eyed Geckos
Port Credit Pet Center - Leopard & multiple other Geckos
Reptile Kings - Leopard Geckos

Reptile Oasis - Leopard & African Fat-tail Geckos
The Reptile Rainforest - Leopard, African Fat-tail, Crested & Texas Banded Geckos

Reptilia Inc - Leopard & multiple other Geckos
Thunder Bay Reptiles - Leopard Geckos
The Urban Gecko - Leopard Geckos
None at the moment

None at the moment
None at the moment

None at the moment


International Gecko Links List

US Gecko Links:

(Please let me know what State you are located in if possible)
AF Herps - Leopard geckos
(Unknown, USA)

Albey's Reptiles - Leopard Geckos (Unknown, USA)
Ben Siegel Reptiles - Dune & Cat Geckos
(Florida, USA)

Bright - Leopard Geckos (Georgia, USA)
Crested - Leopard, African Fat-tail, & Crested Geckos
(Wisconsin, USA)

GCS Reptiles - Various Geckos (Nevada, USA) (See Banner Below)

The Gecko Den - Leopard Geckos (Unknown, USA)
The Gecko Ranch - Leopard & multiple other Geckos (California, USA)

Geckos Unlimited - Various geckos (Arizona, USA)
Gecko - Leopard Geckos
(Florida, USA)

Golden Gate Geckos - Leopard & Desert Banded Geckos (California, USA) (See Banner Below)

HISS - Leopard & multiple other Geckos
(Texas, USA)

Hot - Leopard & African Fat-tail Geckos (Florida, USA)

The Hypo Gecko - Leopard, African Fat-tail, Cat & Knobtail Geckos (Unknown, USA)
Leopard - Leopard Geckos
(Texas, USA) (See Banner Below)

Letkeys Leos - Leopard Geckos (Illinois, USA) (See Banner Below)

Lizard Lair - Leopard & African Fat-tail Geckos (Montana, USA)

Luxurious Leopards - Leopard Geckos (Pennsylvania, USA)

Manhattan Herps - Leopard Geckos (Unknown, USA)

Pro - Leopard Geckos (Nevada, USA)

Ryval Geckos ( - Leopard Geckos (Pennsylvania, USA)
Sundial Reptiles - Crested & multiple other Geckos
(New Mexico, USA)

Sunset Gecko - Leopard Geckos (Southern California, USA)
VNS - Leopard & African Fat-tail Geckos
(Colorado, USA)

Unsorted Gecko Links:
None at the moment

International & Overseas Gecko Links:
Lizard Wizard - Leopard & multiple other Geckos


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