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Alberta Bred Geckos has gone Professional with new Boaphile Plastics enclosures! I have switched all my Leopard Geckos and African Fat-tailed geckos to new Boaphile Plastics enclosures. These are space efficient, easy to clean, light and best of all, provide more room for my geckos.

They are not as glamorous as I used to setup my terrariums, but provide more hides and space for the geckos. I have also segregated my males from my females, which should reduce stresses in all of the groups. Males will be introduced only for mating purposes and only for short periods.


Gecko Racking Systems

I have invested in some new Boaphile Plastics RhinoRaXX Clear Sweater Box size racks measuring 35 1/4" wide X 21 1/8" tall X 17 3/8" deep. Each rack is 5 bins high and 3 bins wide. I have 4 of them stacked to make 60 bins in total. Each bin measures 10 3/4" wide X 3 3/4" tall X 16" deep. This rack came with heat tape already wired in, and I am using the Boaphile Dual Thermostats to operate and control the heat tape temperatures. These provide my hatchlings with an ample amount of space. I have decided to get instead of a pedestal, I am going to get a base made next time I order. This will provide room for storage. I plan to use the storage for supplements like calcium and vitamin/mineral powders, water treatments, feeders like superworms, mealworms, kingworms etc, tweezers and forceps on one side. The other side I will store cleaners, deli cups and anything else for gecko care. This will make even more efficient use of my rooms space, as my geckos and everything I need for my geckos will all be in one stack of enclosures.



Gecko Incubators

My Incubators:

I bought two new style “Picture Window Hova-bator Incubator Circulated Air Model #1583" from Miller Hatcheries to incubate my eggs in. It cost about $171 (Tax in). Again, not the most inexpensive way to go, but my incubator will keep my eggs at whatever temperature I set it for and will heat the eggs if the temperature fluxuates more than + or – 1°C. It also keeps the humidity high, around 75%-90%.

**Please note: The "new" style model 1583 has a fan that never turns off, you need to rewire it, so that the fan turns on/off when the LED light and the heat turn on/off also. Use of deli cups with holes the lid I found is necessary with fan models. 

If eggs are left open to the air circulation, they will dry out and collapse quickly.

As well if the fan is left to run 24 hours a day, the humidity will never get above 70%

I found, and quickly drops below 60%. I used Red Oak wood trim (1/4" x 1 1/4" I believe) and made a stand to hold both the incubators. I have actually extended the height of the stand since I took pictures.



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