African Fat-tail Gecko MORPH LIST:

I am pleased to see that African Fat-tailed Geckos have become more popular, and as a result, new morphs have been discovered. Here are a few Morphs.

Normal (Banded):

Body is patterned with bold dark brown bands and pale tan or pale brown background. Juveniles are banded in dark brownish black on yellowish tan.


This consists of a stripe that can extend from the tip of the nose all the way to the tip of the tail. Sometimes the stripe can get broken up on the tail. The Stripe morph can be found on almost any of the other morphs like Normal, Jungles, Amelanistic and Aberrant


This pattern is where the band on the body and tail are all broken, creating an interesting pattern on the body from the standard straight bands. Also available in Striped versions.


These are very nice! The colors can range from a Peach/Orange/Tangerine/Red with a white or grey as the secondary banding color. Also available in Striped versions.


These geckos do not have banding, but rather a pure dark body color.

As well available in Striped versions.


These geckos have no patterning, but have a pure dark brown to a light peach colored body. Also available in Striped versions.

"White Outs":

Another very neat pattern being produced by

Also available in Striped versions.

"White Sock":

This is a very interesting color mutation, where the gecko has a pure white foot! Varying from one to all four feet, pricing going up with the more feet that are White Socks. These are being produced by


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